Make your Marriage Ceremony Choices

We are happy to assist with every step of your ceremony choices. If you would like to clarify anything, or discuss your requirements, please call us or email

Please note that ceremony choices made may need to be adapted to follow government guidelines at the time of your ceremony.  For latest information see our current information page.

Please read the guidance below before completing your choices form online. It may assist you, if possible, to print this page and have it for reference when you complete your choices. 

Please be aware that after completing and submitting your choices you will not be able to make any changes online.

This guidance will help you fill in your form accurately and the result will enable the registration service to provide you with the ceremony of your choice.

In preparation you should make sure you have the following details:

  • Full personal details e.g. name and contact details
  • Details of your ceremony booking e.g. booking reference, date, time, venue
  • Names of witnesses
  • Are you are having a photographer and/or videographer? – names required
  • Do you wish to have music during your ceremony
  • Will you have readings to enhance your ceremony? – title of reading, who is reading and text of reading all required
  • If either party is being given away
  • Do you intend to make promises to each other
  • Would you like to exchange rings and if yes do you want to say ring vows to each other
  • How you would like to be announced at the end of the ceremony



Guidance by section:

Your Ceremony

Ceremony booking reference number can be found in the original email confirmation of your booking and needs to be accurately recorded for cross reference.

Ceremony date, time and venue- Please record this exactly as per your booking confirmation.

Number of guests – This needs to be entered as a number and include everyone who is attending your ceremony.

Number of attendants (e.g. bridesmaids) – please only include the number of people who will make an entrance into the ceremony room with you e.g. bridesmaids, flower girls, ushers, page boys etc.  Names of attendants are not required, number only.

Full name of best man (if applicable) - first name and surname is sufficient. Leave blank if you are not having anyone in this role.


Your Details

Important Note:-  Person 1 -  Whoever you put as person 1, will be referred to first during the ceremony. 

Full name – this should be exactly as your name appears on your ‘Notice Appointment’ paperwork.  This is the name that you gave when you attended your local register office to give notice of marriage. 

Informal name – this is the name you would like to be referred to in the non legal parts of the ceremony.  If you do not have an informal name please just enter your first name here.

Contact telephone number - this should be the telephone number we can speak to you/leave a message on during the day.

Email – most of our contact is via email so please enter an email address that you have access to at all times.  Personal email addresses are advised.

Sex- this is required to enable the script to be printed with the correct wording, referring to husband or wife in the vows etc.

Will you enter the room together? ­– i.e. are the two people who are getting married actually entering the ceremony room together and, if that is the case, seeing each other beforehand.  If you have answered No to this for Person 1 it will not appear as a question for Person 2.

Will you walk up the aisle? – This question is aimed at the person making an entrance, once all the guests are in the room.  If you have chosen to be the person waiting in the ceremony room with your guests for your partner to make an entrance then please answer ‘Alone’. 

If the two people who are getting married are entering the room together (see question above) and walking up the aisle together, answer ‘with your future partner’. 

If you are being escorted (someone is walking by your side up the aisle) by someone else who is  not your partner, answer ‘escorted by another’- this opens another couple of boxes asking you for the full name and relationship of person escorting you.

Will you be given away? – this refers to the part of the ceremony where someone is asked the question about giving you away and is required to stand with you and answer “I Do”.  If you answer yes to this you will need to complete full name and relationship of the person.  This may be the same person who is walking you up the aisle (see previous question) but you will still be required to enter the information.

Are you making a promise? – you can answer yes, no or own promise here.  If you answer yes the choice of our words will appear later in the form.  If you are writing your own promise there will be a section for you to enter the text later in the form.

Ring Vows, are you giving ring(s)- This gives you the option to choose if you are giving a ring to your partner without saying any vows i.e. Ring Only


giving a ring to your partner and saying vows taken from our options i.e. Ring and Ring Vow,


giving a ring to your partner and saying vows you have written yourself i.e. Ring and own Ring Vow


none if you are not giving your partner a ring. 

The choice of our words will appear later in the form, if you are writing your own ring vows there will be a section for you to enter the text later in the form.


Your Arrangements

End of Ceremony

Will the couple kiss at the conclusion of the ceremony? - answer yes or no.  If yes, then the traditional words will be spoken by the registrar, offering you to kiss each other.

How would you like us to announce you at the end of the ceremony? – this is not a legal announcement but is used purely to announce you both at the end of the ceremony.  For example:  Mr and Mrs Smith, Sarah & Paul,  Bride & Groom or any other formation that you would like.

Witness Details

Full name of witness 1 and 2 – first name and surname is sufficient.

Video and PhotographyThe ceremony will be recorded by – enter name of Videographer or video company name or friends name or not required.

The photographer will be - enter name of photographer or photography company name or friends name or not required.


Other Information

Any special requirements or important information that we should know.  This is an opportunity for you to let us know special information, for example one of you needs to sit throughout the ceremony etc.  Just enter text in to this box.  If you do not have anything to inform us about just leave the box empty.



We wish to play music at our ceremony – answer Yes or No. 

If yes, you will be asked to please confirm that all music played is non religious - this is essential as religious music is not permitted during your ceremony. 

When thinking about your music choices we would advise the following:

  • 3 or 4 tracks to play whilst your guests are assembling
  • if someone is making an entrance in to the room you may want a special song/track to be played for this
  • 2 or 3 songs/tracks for the time you are signing the register
  • 1 track if you want a special song for the couple to exit the room to


If you are having live musicians please inform us in the special requirements box at the top of this page.

If you are marrying in one our register offices, you will need to provide your music.  Please bring your approved music on the day of your ceremony on a digital device, such as an mp3 player, tablet, mobile phone, or similar. You will also need to bring a wireless speaker.  You will need to nominate a guest to be responsible for operating your device. Please note devices cannot be plugged in.

If you are marrying at one of our approved premises, please contact your venue to arrange the playing of the approved music.



We wish to have readings at our ceremony – answer yes or no. 

If yes you will be asked to please confirm that all readings are non religious -  this is essential as religious readings are not permitted during your ceremony. 

Reading title, author, read by  – please complete with as much detail as you can.

Reading text – please copy and paste the text of your reading in to this box.

Would you like to add another reading? – yes or no.  If yes the details that were required for reading one will be repeated for reading two.


Your Choices

 For ‘your choices’ the ceremony wording is broken down in to different sections and for each section a selection of wording to choose from will appear. Read carefully what is in the boxes and click the relevant button that relates to your choice of box using the buttons that appear at the end of each section. 

If you cannot see  ‘not required’ on a particular option, this means that the section of wording is a statutory requirement of the marriage ceremony so a choice must be made.

In italics you will find the words that are spoken by the registrar at every ceremony. 

Where you have selected to write your own promises or ring vows you will find a text box here for you to type details in to.

Once you have chosen and completed everything you will have a chance to view what you have selected.

Please note that choices made, may need to be adapted to follow government guidelines at the time of your ceremony.

Please remember that you will not be able to make any changes online once you have clicked the final submit.

When you submit, you will receive an email to confirm submission. This email may be in your spam folder.  If you do not receive this email, please telephone us on 01452 425060 (option 3).

Make your Ceremony Choices