EU Settlement Scheme for Notice of Marriage and Notice of Civil Partnership

Changes with regards to giving notice came into force with effect from 1 July 2021 so please do read the following information carefully before booking or attending your appointment.

Since the changes in law made on the 1st July 2021 for EU Citizens giving Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership, we are now unable to accept a Valid EEA ID card as proof of identity.  Also all non British or Irish citizens are required to provide a Source code as supplied by the Home Office, during their appointment. This source code will enable the Registering Officer to check your Settled or Pre-Settled status. The code is valid for a period of 30 days so please ensure that it is valid on the day of your appointment. The code can be obtained by visiting status 

Additionally, if you have not applied for the EU Settlement Scheme (as mentioned above) you will be required to provide passport sized photographs for both parties and pay £12 each for the application fee to be referred to the Home Office. Please note that this referral could take up to 70 days and may affect any marriage bookings you have made. Please be advised that without the correct identification, your Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership cannot be taken and your ceremony date may need to be amended. Please read this email as a reminder that you are now only able to prove your identity with the use of documentation as set out below. 

One of the following documents (to prove your name, surname, date of birth and nationality):

  • Valid passport.
  • Certificate of Naturalisation as a British Citizen, together with 1 document of residency. If your name has changed, evidence of this will also be required.
  • Valid Home Office Travel Document.
  • Valid biometric immigration card or document issued by the Home Office.
  • British citizens only: Valid passport or British birth certificate if you were born before 01.01.1983, together with 1 document of residency. If your name has changed, evidence of this will also be required.
  • British citizens only: Valid passport or Full British birth certificate along with mother’s birth certificate, if you were born on or after 01.01.1983, together with 1 document of residency.

You may provide evidence of either of your parents’ British citizenship or settled status at the time of your birth (e.g. a British birth certificate if relevant parent was born on or before 31/12/1982, passport describing the relevant parent as a British citizen or indicating that he or she then had indefinite leave to enter or remain); and your parents’ marriage certificate if British citizenship is claimed through your father. If your parents were not married at the time of your birth, the evidence must be for your mother. If your name has changed, evidence of this will also be required.

For further information please visit or please contact the ceremonies team on 01452 425060 (option 3) or by email at

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